Experience Algarve Skydiving and Microlights

Experience Algarve Skydiving and Microlights

The great weather at Algarve makes it a real perfect place for doing ultimate air sports like skydiving and microlights. The perfectly clear sky makes sure to let its visitors see the best view of the beaches and landscapes that Algarve treasures. You will surely have on unforgettable experience as you take on this sky high adventure.

Algarve is one side of Europe that anyone should see with its very attractive jump spots. Once you get off the Alvor aerodrome, you will get to see how much the Algarve landscape has to offer. From the mountains of Monchique to the green forests to the beautiful cliffs and beaches of the Atlantic coastline, you will never see Algarve the same way again.

Everyone is welcome to experience this adrenaline rushing air sport. Sky divers of all skill levels from beginners to tandem jumps can very much go ahead and try it. Even those who are in the advanced and intermediate levels can also join. If safety is your concern, you don’t really have to worry because the sky diving instructors of Algarve are highly skilled and experienced. Before you begin with the course, you will be briefed on what to do and what to expect before you jump off. Guests can have their pictures taken or even filmed during the jump upon request; wouldn’t that be the best souvenir ever? Just a little reminder, only those who are older than 14 years can go on an Algarve skydiving experience for safety reasons.

For those who find skydiving just a little bit all too extreme then microlight flights could be just what you’re looking for. The trip is equally alluring as what skydiving has to offer but the only difference is, this is way more laid back and relaxing. Capture Algarve in a bird’s eye view as you take on a ride on this modified hang-glider equipped with an engine. Enjoy the view as you sit back and breathe in all the fresh air as you pass high above Algarve’s lavish landscape and scenic view. This is one of the best ways to see the beauty of Algarve intensely azure blue ocean, rocky mountain tops, golden beaches and historic towns.

You may begin your microlight flight at the base in Lagos and pick from the variety of flights offered. There are short 10-minute rides over Lagos and even a 60-minute flight over Sagres and Cape St. Vincent where the lands of Algarve meet the sea.

Whether you choose the exhilarating skydiving sport or just go for a more laid back microlights flight, you will still get to see the enchanting beauty of Algarve way up in the clouds.