5 Things You Should Know About The GoPro Hero3 Microphone

If you are thinking about buying a GoPro Hero3 Microphone check out these 5 things you should know before you buy.

Better Quality

The first thing that you should know about the GoPro Hero3 microphone is that you will get a lot better quality with it than you would have in the past. One of the biggest customer complaints in previous versions was that the quality, especially when outdoors, was not the best. In fact, some have described their recording capabilities of past models as being downright poor. The solution that was offered by the company was to work with a professional external microphone.

Lowers Wind Interference

Being that the new GoPro Hero3 microphone is a professional grade external microphone, the company was able to make improvements to it. When you are using an internal microphone it is a lot more difficult to get all the parts correctly but since size and parts are a bit bigger, the quality of the sound can be worked on. That is noticeable, especially when you are filming outdoors as the wind interference is cut down a lot.

Compatible With Hero3

When a company does upgrades, such as the one done with the GoPro Hero3 microphone, one of the biggest concerns from customers is that they will have to purchase all new equipment. Thankfully, the company was able to do all the upgrades that they needed to while still keeping the model compatible with the Hero3. You should note that in order for it to work, however, you will need to purchase an additional GoPro audio adapter.

No More 3.5 Mm Audio Jack

If you have worked with GoPro equipment in the past, then you know that what the company was using was the 3.5 mm audio jack. That jack was featured in every single model of the previous generations but the GoPro Hero3 microphone has the standard one. This will make it a lot easier for people purchasing the new GoPro equipment but that is exactly why you will need the adapter for compatibility reasons.

Not Waterproof

A lot of the equipment that you can purchase from GoPro is waterproof. However, this microphone by GoPro is not one of them. It is important that if you are filming outdoors that you keep it dry so that the equipment can function correctly every time that you need it. In order to use the microphone, you will need to use the frame mount. You can also choose to use it without any housing at all. Keep in mind that the new microphone is not compatible with the previous standard housing.